Easter Spirituality

Easter is not a one-day event but a season when the Christians celebration focuses on Christ’s resurrection. The 40 days in Easter correspond to the days when Jesus lingered before He ascended, showing Himself to His disciples, which subsequently, they will proclaim to the world. Furthermore, Christ’s glorious triumph is celebrated by the church not only in Easter but every Sunday.

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Since the second Sunday of Easter, I have focused on Luke 24: 13-35. It tells the story of two of Jesus’ disciples on the road to Emmaus discussing the recent perplexing events which transpired. When suddenly, our Lord appeared to them. They did not recognize Him. Why did these disciples who were familiar with Jesus for three years not recognized Him? Verse 25, may bring some light. Jesus rebuked them for being foolish and slow of heart to believe all that Moses and the prophets have foretold about the Messiah. The disciples notwithstanding what they have witnessed prior were in the process of being transformed from being unbelieving to believing.

He preached to them extensively. I heard someone said as if they were in a “tent revival or a word explosion meetings.” Approaching a village they constrained Jesus to stay with them. Then He broke bread with them. Only then that their eyes were opened to whom this stranger was, The resurrected Lord.

We go back to the question, why did they not recognize Him? It is a question that is not easy to answer. In my humble opinion, no human being has ever seen a resurrected person clothe in a glorified body. Even those whom Jesus resurrected from the dead, died and are waiting to be clothed.

Two important things are worth mentioning, they recognized Jesus in the breaking of bread and their hearts were burning as He opened the scriptures to them.

As Moses and Aaron were important in the religious life of Israel representing the commandments and priesthood so it is for Christians today, the WORD and SACRAMENTS are central.. by: Bp. Jose Elmer Belmonte

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