Ladies Fellowship-Venice

Each time I meet my wider ICCEC family I get really happy. Because these people are like me in a lot of ways. We love the Lord Jesus, we love to worship Him and come to His Table, we love to talk about Him and to Him, and we love to serve Him. And since we are in the ICCEC together, we all share a desire to be fruitful and multiply and change our world. I love that. There may be a lot of variety in our life experiences, where we come from and languages we speak, but our unity in Christ is what matters most to all of us. We are one in Him!

Coming together face to face at these conferences is truly enlightening and uplifting. I personally have been challenged to remember every face and name– that’s the fun of coming together, we are learning and practicing love for all! The multiple teachings and life testimonies make it clear we are in this together: no one is struggling alone, and God never leaves us, He is patient with us and provides everything we need for life and godliness—and multiplication! I loved how simple the exhortation was, to serve and witness with the intent of bringing one new person into the family of God every year. I really desire to grow the family of God. My daily longing and prayer is for this very thing. I’m thankful we were all being encouraged to focus on fruitfulness through faithfulness and simplicity of approach: a story of a life changed and of a faith lived.

Gathering in Venice, I was full of eager expectation. The conference became an affirmation of my hope. I am still feeling our shared passion and commitment to seek souls, not numbers. Fruitfulness comes from being connected to the Vine in love and obedience. I hope our gatherings always manifest Christ’s presence by the way we relate to one another, welcoming one another in all our variety, encouraging one another to operate in our specific gifts, activating them for the common good, and lifting up Jesus Christ above all. This is God at work in us, to the praise of His glory.

By Edye Jackson

Church of St. Stephen, CEC-London

© 2020


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